Williamstown Water and Sewer



Williamstown outsources their water and sewer management to Simon's Operation Services. Allen Chouinard handles Williamstown directly. In the event of a Water or Sewer Emergency, Allen's contact is listed below. If you have general inquiries or require assistance with you municipal water system, than please contact the Town Manager's office, as all work performed by Simon's must have a completed work order, which can only be completed by the Town Manager. Unless it is a bona fide emergency, Simon's Operations will NOT perform work without authorization by the Town Manager or her designee.


Town Manager: Jaqueline Higgins

Phone: 802-433-6671

Email: twnmgr@williamstownvt.org


Simon's Operations Services: Allen Chouinard

Pager: 802-741-2411 (after you enter your call back number press *0# for the page to reach Allen directly)


Williamstown Water Quality Report