Board of Selectmen Meeting
Water & Sewer Commission
July 16, 2012 - 7:00 PM
Williamstown Middle/High School

MEMBERS: Larry Hebert – Chair, Bill Ashe – Vice Chair (absent), Rodney Graham, Art Stone (absent), Francis Covey

TOWN MANAGER – Jacqueline Higgins  



CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7pm by L. Hebert. R. Graham made the motion to enter into Water & Sewer Commissioners, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted.

Water & Sewer Commission

Water Storage Tank Property – A resident had contacted J. Higgins and
reported that the roof on the old water storage tank was collapsing. J. Higgins and A. Chouinard
went to the property to inspect the roof. It was found to not be collapsing, but in fact be in really
good condition. She wondered if the Town would like to sell the property as we no longer use
the building since the new one was installed. If we were to sell it we would keep an easement
for the water lines. State Statutes state that we must offer it up for sale to abutting property
owners before it goes out to the public. F. Covey made the motion to offer to offer the property
up for sale to abutters, with easements for the water line, and rights to the road reserved by the
Town. Also have an independent appraiser done, and deed research done to find out whom
currently has rights to the road, seconded by R. Graham, and so voted.
Art Kramer – A. Kramer came before the Board to discuss some issues that have been
brought up recently. He stated that approximately 350 households use the system and that it is
fully funded by those households. R. Cleaves state that the whole town funded the water tank.
A discussion arose in regards to past billing issues.

R. Graham made the motion to exit Water & Sewer Commissioners at 7:17 pm. Seconded by F.
Covey and so voted.

Selectboard Meeting

The Selectboard portion of the meeting was called to order at 7:17 pm by
L. Hebert

F. Covey made the motion to approve the agenda as presented, seconded
by R. Graham, and so voted.

available for viewing at all meetings.

#1 - B. Graham noted that she will be on vacation from July 23 – July 27, 2012, and that her assistant would be in the office from 8-12 Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri.
#2 – E. Everheart asked why M. Sprano was able to listen to the meeting via headsets, and wondered if CVTV would be providing headsets & accessibility for all members of the public.
#3 – E. Everheart asked why the fire apparatus fund was raided. L. Hebert explained that the fund was not “raided” but that a vote went before the voters of the Town asking if they would loan monies from the fire apparatus replacement fund to the water department. This was to put in the Graniteville water lines. At the time the Town was going to do a bond, but the Treasurer
felt we should borrow the money internally, and pay ourselves interest instead of paying it to someone else. The state auditor was asked if we could do this, and it was fine.
#4 – C. Peloquin asked if the excavator had gone out to bid yet. J. Higgins reported it has not gone out to bid yet, as we are working on getting more information about the excavator first.

L. Hebert presented the 2012 Citizen of the Year award to Sherri Lamberton. Sherri was extremely honored to receive the award.

R. Graham made the motion to accept the minutes of the July 2, 2012 meeting, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted.

F. Covey made the motion to accept the payroll warrant for 6/17 – 6/30/12, SB143 and SB144, seconded by R. Graham, and so voted. Questions were asked regarding the change of warrants from the packet to the ones given at the meeting tonight, and it was explained there had been an error inputting one of the bills. R. Graham
questioned the charge for 130 bales of hay at $3.50. He feels we should get more prices next time.

See attached sheet.

#1 – ACO CONTRACT – R. Graham made the motion to accept the Barre Town Animal
Control Officer contract for fiscal year 2012/2013 at a rate of $16.50 per hour, seconded by F.
Covey and so voted. It was noted the price is up from $16.00 per hour last year, but the higher
rate was used to determine the budget. R. Graham feels it is pricey for the service we are getting.
B. Graham spoke with the ACO today and he will be issuing tickets for unlicensed dogs.

#2 – SIDEWALK ORDINANCE – Due to an increase in problems with horses using the
sidewalks it was deemed necessary to adopt an ordinance prohibiting the use of sidewalks by
horses. L. Hebert read the proposed ordinance. R. Graham made the motion to approve the
Ordinance – Prohibiting the use of sidewalks by horses, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted. It
will be enforced by Orange County Sheriff Department.

#3 – CATERING PERMIT FOR WEDDING RECEPTION - F. Covey made the motion to
approve the catering permit (to cater malt & vinous beverages& spirituous liquors) for Yebba
Inc, DBA the Abbey Pub Restaurant on 8/25/2012, on Flint Road, seconded by R. Graham, and
so voted.

#4 – LISTERS ERRORS & OMMISSION – R. Graham made the motion to approve the
following Listers Errors & Omissions, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted.
Sutton, Edward & Sabra – Parcel ID 004/030.00
Added 10.4 acres from 004/030.01 due to a property transfer return. The Sutton’s are in
the process of selling one of these parcels and would prefer to keep the acreage separate.
Parcel ID 004/030.00 from 20.9 - $166,100 changed to
Parcel ID 004/030.00 10.5 acres - $145,300 & Parcel ID 004/030.01 10.4 acres - $46,200
Total change would be an increase to the Grand list of $25,400.

#5 SELECTBOARD RESIGNATION – L. Hebert read the resignation of Art Stone. R. Graham
made the motion to accept A. Stone’s resignation with regret, seconded by F. Covey and so
voted. People who are interested should send a letter of intent to the Town Manager by August
1, 2012. The Board will appoint someone to fill the position until Town Meeting day at the next

#6 – NORTH EAST MATERIALS ASPHALT PLANT - Ben Swanson and Eric Morton came
before the Board to explain traffic impacts due to this project. B. Swanson said that most traffic
will be going down Quarry Hill in Barre, but they would like to open up the access on Pirie Road
so that the trucks could go down Pirie Road (this would be so that they wouldn’t be traveling on
Cogswell Street) to the Graniteville Road and eventually Route 14. He feels that there will be
little to no impact or delays. If the plant was running at maximum capacity they can produce 180
tons per hour, which would be 16 trucks (8 in, 8 out), over a 10 hour day = 160 trucks per day.
The feel the average would be more like 50 ton per hour, which would be 2.5 trucks (or 5 per
hour), 50 trucks a day. These figures are based on a truck holding 22 ton. They feel about 30%
would be coming towards Williamstown. The Board & the Planning Commission asked if they
had looked at crash studies for Graniteville Road, especially the corner by Bailey road, and B.
Swanson reported that they had. M. Bernier relayed concerns that members of the Graniteville
community had about this project. E. Everheart expressed concerns that Barre Town would be
getting all the gravy (i.e. tax monies) while we got all the headaches (road issues), and wondered
if they had looked at the fact that the ambulance bay is located on that road and that the fire
station will be located on that road in the future, and what impact that may have with truck
traffic. R. Graham made the motion to have the Town Manager work with North East Materials,
to work on opening an access onto Pirie Road for the crushing operation only to keep the trucks
off Cogswell Street, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted. It was also noted that the Town did
not provide permission for the asphalt plant to use the Pirie Road access. Access was granted for
the aggregate plant during mud season.

#1 – HIGHWAY POLICY - L. Hebert read the policy amendment. F. Covey made the motion
to accept the amendment to the highway policy, seconded by R. Graham, after much discussion
F. Covey withdrew his motion, and the matter was tabled.

#2 – GRADER LOAN REFINANCE – There is no penalty for early pay off of the original loan.
It will now be through People’s United for a rate of 2.50%, which will save roughly $3,500
over the 5 year life of the loan. F. Covey approved signing the new loan papers, seconded by R.
Graham and so voted.

#3 – SOLID WASTE ORDINANCE UPDATE – We have received a draft from VLCT and have
given it to the Health Officer to review. We will be making modifications to the draft, and it is
not ready yet.

#4 – GARDEN STREET – F. Covey made the motion to have the Town contribute $10,000
for materials for the rock wall project on Garden St, seconded by R. Graham, and so voted.
The work will need to be done before paving is done in mid-August. L. Hebert stated that his
company would take out the existing blocks, and slope the land in preparation for the new blocks
in exchange for the blocks that are there. R. Hepburn will be responsible for installing the new

#5 – TREASURER COMMITTEE – Update – Mayor Lauzon from Barre has agreed to be the
CPA for the committee.

#6 – TREASURER COMPENSATION RESPONSE – After presenting the request to the
Town’s Attorney the Board finds no basis and has denied the claim.

A. STONE – Absent

R. GRAHAM – Had some questions for R. Cleaves regarding his request, but didn’t
have a chance to ask them. R. Cleaves stated that he could ask the questions when he
files with the court.

B. ASHE – Absent

F. COVEY – Questioned the inventory tax. He feels it needs to be looked into. A Town
vote is needed to do away with the tax. Currently it adds about $25,000 in income to the Town.

L. HEBERT - None

F. Covey made motion to adjourn at 10:30 p.m., R. Graham seconded and so

Respectfully submitted,

Cora Grandfield