Board of Selectmen Meeting
July 2, 2012 - 7:00 PM
Williamstown Middle/High School

MEMBERS: Larry Hebert – Chair, Bill Ashe – Vice Chair, Rodney Graham, Art Stone, Francis Covey

TOWN MANAGER – Jacqueline Higgins  

VISITORS – A. KRAMER, H. Duke, R. Cleaves, C. Peloquin, M. Sprano, e. everheart, j. perkins, D. Delcore – Times argus, K. LOTT – NORTHFIELD NEWS


call to order: The meeting was called to order at 7pm by L. Hebert


set the agenda: The agenda was accepted as presented with the addition of executive session in accordance with 1 V.S.A. 313.


review of open public comment: available for viewing at all meetings.


open public comment and announcements: No announcements. 

#1 R. Cleaves presented members of the Board with a bill for back salary he feels he is owed.  He would like to be paid before July 15, 2012.

#2 – C. Peloquin asked the Board to review reasons for executive session.  He also asked why the treasurer committee is not on the agenda, as he saw the position posted in the newspaper.  B. Ashe responded by saying that the committee has not met yet and has nothing to report.  C. Peloquin also asked why the grader refinance wasn’t on the agenda.  Again, there is no new news on this subject.  C. Peloquin asked about the new culverts being installed that do not seem to up to the standards in place in the Town’s highway policy.


selectboard Announcements: No announcements.


review & approval minutes: B. Ashe made the motion to accept the minutes of the June 4, 2012 meeting, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted, with R. Graham abstaining as he was no present at the meeting.


review & approval warrants: R. Graham made the motion to accept the payroll warrant for 1/1/12 – 6/23/12, payroll warrant 6/3/12 – 6/16/12, SB140 and SB141, seconded by B. Ashe, and so voted. 


town manager report: See attached sheet.

#1 – A sign has been installed at Rachel’s Garden stating that parking is for Rachel’s Garden use only.  The people that were parking there have been notified, and warned that their cars would be towed if seen there.

#2 Owner of the apartment building on the corner of Route 14 and Meadow Street has been notified that they need to trim their lilac bush, which they will be doing soon.

#3 – J. Higgins gave the grader schedule.  M. Sprano asked when Getz & Maloney Road was going to be graded.  He thinks the grading is taking too long.

#4 – The speed limit appeal is set for July 16 at 1pm – 3pm 5th floor of the National Life Building.  The state is recommending 35 mph from Industrial lane into town, and the installations of a cross walk from the Williamstown Square to Business Center Road.

New Business:


              Reclaim Mountain View

              All State - $1.02 sq yard - $5,304

              Gorman Brothers - $1.06 sq yard - $5,512

              Pike - $1.29 sq yard - $6,708

              Whitcomb - $1.50 sq yard - $7,800

                            R. Graham made the motion to accept the All State bid, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted.


              Tack Coat – Seaver, Howe, and High St

              Gorman Brothers - $2.50 sq yard - $23,000

              All State - $3.98 sq yard - $36,616

                            R. Graham made the motion to accept the Gorman Brothers bid, seconded by F. Covey and so voted.


              Pave Overlay – Robar, Amanicki, Cogswell, Garden, Construction St, & intersection of Robar-Clough-McCarthy-Tower

              Whitcomb - $77.19 ton - $150,366.12

              Pike - $89.74 ton - $161,352.52

                            R. Graham made the motion to accept the Whitcomb bid, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted.

#2 – DELINQUENT TAX & UTILITY COLLECTION – R. Cleaves asked for reports and policies, all have been provided.  He noted that progress has been made in the collection of taxes, but doesn’t feel people are being treated equally. He wanted to know why payment plans were given to people who were up for tax sales.  C. Peloquin stated that the Delinquent Tax Collection policy does not allow for payment plans once it goes to tax sale.  It was noted that anyone who requested a payment plan to the tax sale attorney was given the opportunity to get on a payment plan.  C. Peloquin asked if there was a delinquent utility collection policy, J. Higgins stated that it was written right in the ordinance.  R. Graham noted that the current Town Manager hasn’t been here for a year yet and that she has done a very good job given the mess she was given.  J. Higgins also stated that 2 delinquent personal property taxes were going to small claims court.  B. Ashe stated that he gives J. Higgins his vote of confidence stating that the delinquent taxes are the least they’ve been since 2007, and water/sewer since 2009.

#3 – DOG WARRANT – B. Ashe made the motion to approve signing of the dog warrant as presented by Town Clerk, Barbara Graham, seconded by R. Graham, and so voted.

#4 – GARDEN STREET There is a retaining wall on Garden St that is in need of repair.  It is in the town right-of-way but also on the property of Rob Hepburn.  He was unable to attend the meeting but can attend the next meeting.  L. Hebert would like the Board to go and look at the site.  His company is willing to take out the old blocks in exchange for the old blocks that are currently there, the town paying for the purchase of the new blocks, and the Hepburn’s will be responsible for installing the new blocks.  L. Hebert also stated that it would be 3 rows high, 100’ long.  He invited Board members to look at the blocks by his barn for comparison.

#5 – ART KRAMER – HEALTH OFFICER – A. Kramer asked if he could be appointed assistant Animal Control Officer so that he can help out in situations when he goes to investigates health claims.  The questions he would like to be able to ask are, “Are your dogs licensed?,” “Do they have a rabies shot?”  The Board feels he already has authority to ask those questions as they are public record in the town office already.  A. Kramer also spoke to the Board about the “mountains” of garbage in town.  Has health officer he is wondering if we can adopt an ordinance that puts a lien on a property for the cost of clean-up, when we have to go in and remove the trash.  J. Higgins will look into ordinances.  A. Kramer has spoken to Don Giroux and he charges $150 for his truck & crew to show up, then you pay per ton for trash removal.

old business: (10 min)

#1 – PARADE FUND  - J. Higgins reported that there are 102 T-shirts left, and that the Town Clerk had some monies for the shirts.  R. Cleaves asked R. Graham and A. Stone if they agreed with his parade fund figures.  R. Graham said that he didn’t have a problem, and A. Stone said that his problems with R. Cleaves have nothing to do with parade fund.

#2 – POSSIBLE DISPOSITION OF EXISTING EXCAVATORWe bought the excavator 10 years ago from Barre Town for $15,000.  We currently no longer use it.  F. Covey made the motion to put the rubber tired excavator out to bid for a minimum of $10,000, reserving the right to reject any and all bids, seconded by B. Ashe, and so voted.


Around the Table:

A.      STONE – None


R. GRAHAM – None


              B. ASHE – Will not be attending the next meeting.


              F. COVEY Has the Williamstown sign at his house, was waiting to do work, but will get the work done and put back up.  C. Peloquin will be completing the other sign as well.


              L. HEBERT – Had questions on the budget presented by the Treasurer, which were answered by R. Cleaves.


EXECUTIVE SESSION (1 V.S.A.  313)  B. Ashe made the motion to enter into executive session in accordance with 1 V.S.A. 313, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted.


AdjournB. Ashe made motion to exit executive session with no action taken, and to adjourn at 9:05 p.m., F. Covey seconded and so voted.

Respectfully submitted,

Cora Grandfield