Board of Selectmen Meeting
Board of Water/Sewer Commissioners
May 7, 2012 - 7:00 PM
Williamstown Middle/High School

MEMBERS: Larry Hebert – Chair, Bill Ashe – Vice Chair, Rodney Graham, Art Stone  - Francis Covey (absent)

TOWN MANAGER – Jacqueline Higgins  

Visitors – Art Kramer, Horace Duke, B. Watson, E. Everheart,  Kathleen Lott – Northfield News


call to order: The meeting was called to order at 7pm by L. Hebert

set the agenda: R. Graham made the motion to set the agenda as presented, seconded by B. Ashe, and so voted.

review of open public comment: L. Hebert reviewed the procedure for open public comments.

open public comment and announcements: B. Watson discussed that a Veteran’s Memorial has been in the planning process since 1919.  The Historical Society feels it should be a town wide planning process, not just for the Historical Society.  There is land behind the bank for the Memorial Park.  Names should be clearly evident on any memorial.  Currently they have a fund of $1800 for the project.  B. Watson also noted that the Historical society has 9 self-guided tours (driving and walking) of Williamstown. Doreen Chambers spent many hours working on them.

selectboard Announcements: None

review & approval minutes: B. Ashe made the motion to accept the minutes of the April 16, 2012 meeting, seconded by A. Stone, with one change – to add “as health officer” on Visitor Comments by A. Kramer, and so voted.

review & approval warrants: R. Graham made the motion to accept the payroll warrant for 4/8/12 -4/21/12, and SB 135, seconded by B. Ashe, and so voted.  R. Graham made the motion to accept SB136, seconded by A. Stone, and so voted with L. Hebert abstaining from the vote.

town manager report: J. Higgins brought a request from Williamstown Solar Project R. Graham made the motion to accept the request from Williamstown Solar Project as presented (see attachment), seconded by A. Stone, and so voted, with L. Hebert abstaining.
    New grader will be coming off the production line this Thursday and put on a truck and heading our way, should be here by May 14, 2012.  The old grader had a wiring issue, but it has been repaired.  All roads have been graded once, and the crew is working on winter sand.  They will continue to work on winter sand and start on the Mountain View culverts.
    The House and Senate have both approved the Charter change and it is awaiting signature from the Governor.

New Business: None

old business: (10 min)
  1. h. duke, ass’t treasurer – parade fund – H. Duke explained the accounting on the Parade Fund.  The Board budgets $1500 in expenses, as well as income.  R. Graham stated that if the parade really isn’t a tax payer funded activity that maybe the Selectboard shouldn’t be involved.  He stated that he had 2 BBQers lined up and they both canceled, only 1 group interested in being in the parade, and only 1 team signed up for softball.  B. Ashe stated that maybe in the future we should put an appropriation in the budget to put before the voters.  R. Graham made the motion, seconded by B. Ashe to cancel the Memorial Day parade for 2012, but try to do something in 2013, and so voted with A. Stone abstaining.
  2. grader purchase resolution adopted – B. Ashe made the motion to accept the resolution as presented, seconded by R. Graham, and so voted. (see attachment)

Around the Table:
    R. Graham – none
    A. STONE – He has been asked if the town is going to clean up the burnt trailer in Buttles Park, and the answer is no.  The cross walk sign in front of the Williamstown Square needs to be replaced as it is broke off.  A. Stone also is wondering who will be mowing Rachel’s Garden.  A. Stone asked A. Kramer if he had visited the Griffen property lately.  A. Kramer stated that he had and the household trash had been picked up.  As far as the cars go, that is a state issue and he will contact them on it.
    B. ASHE – Do we have a date from AOT yet for the speed limit appeal?  No – still just sometime in June.  Hogweed report?  D. Mckinney stopped into the town office today and said that he didn’t think it was as bad this year.  Congratulations to Graham Farms for their best in fancy syrup and Best Maple product for the state of Vermont.
    L. HEBERT – Can we look into no parking signs by the new sidewalk by Dollar General?
executive session if needed – 1 v.s.a. 313 – Not needed this meeting.

Adjourn – R. Graham made the motion to adjourn at 7.55pm seconded by B. Ashe, and so voted.

Respectfully submitted,

Cora Grandfield