Board of Selectmen Meeting
Board of Water/Sewer Commissioners
April 16, 2012 - 7:00 PM
Williamstown Middle/High School

MEMBERS: Larry Hebert – Chair, Bill Ashe – Vice Chair, Rodney Graham, Francis Covey - Art Stone (absent)

TOWN MANAGER – Jacqueline Higgins  

Visitors – Art Kramer, Chris Peloquin, Horace Duke, Phil Winters, David Delcore – Times Argus,  Kathleen Lott – Northfield News


Called to order at 7:04 by L. Hebert.

Announcements -  None

Visitor’s Comments: (maximum of 3 minutes per person, per topic)
  1. C. Peloquin said that he hasn’t fixed the Welcome sign on RT 64 yet, but will get to it within the next 2 weeks.
  2. C. Peloquin asked what the L. Hebert and J. Higgins were discussing before the meeting.  L. Hebert said that it was about the notice for public hearing on Falls Bridge Road, and it only involved signing the notice.
  3. H. Duke discussed upgrading town highways.  He feels the roads are worse now than when he moved to town 45 years ago.  R. Graham reported that J. Higgins is working with E. Farnham to develop a plan for the next year.  
  4. H. Duke discussed the bid procedure.  If we are going to give preference to local bids then it should be stated in the bid request, and there should be a cap on the difference between low bid and local bid, if there is a difference.  L. Hebert said that Barre City or Barre Town has a 3% cap.
  5. C. Peloquin also asked about the funds for the Public Safety building.  R. Graham reported that they are using reserve funds.  C. Peloquin feels it should go before the voters again
Review & Approval:
  1. Warrants - R. Graham made a motion to approve payroll 3/25/12 – 4/7/12, and ambulance payroll 12/4/11 – 4/1/12 and SB133.  Seconded by F. Covey, and so voted.  
  2. WARRANT - R. Graham made a motion to approve SB134.  Seconded by F. Covey, and so voted, with L. Hebert abstaining from the vote.
  3. Minutes – R. Graham made a motion to approve April 2 minutes, seconded by F. Covey,  and so voted.  

Reports – Manager Report
  1. New truck has arrived.
  2. J. Higgins gave the Board copies of the Basic Emergency Operation Plan for them to review.
  3. Highway work – last 2 weeks – grading & resurfacing and the same is scheduled for the next 2 weeks.
  4. Highway plans for the summer include culvert work on Flint Road & Mountain View.  Upgrades to Gilbert Road, Stone Road, Weir Road, and Stellar Road.
  5. J. Higgins attended a Selectboard workshop this past weekend and found out that Robert’s Rules of order is 704 pages long and only 2 paragraphs pertain to Selectboard’s.  She presented the Board with a “Public Meeting Procedure Policy” for them to review.  

New Business:
  1. Seaver – Hoyt baseball field repairs– Jeff Poulin has asked for help in getting this cleaned up and repaired after last year’s flooding.  E. Farnham can bring over some topsoil from the garage and C. Peloquin will donate his time to rototill the infield, Farm N Country is donating grass seed, and there is $500 from the trustees of public funds for playgrounds that can be used.  L. Hebert stated that he had spoken with Rob Townsend and he feels that there might be toxins in the field.  The project is on hold until we can find out.
  2. Parade update request. – R. Graham stated that he met with R. Cleaves to find out how much is left in the parade fund.  R. Graham feels that there should be $800-$1000 in the fund.  According to R. Graham, R. Cleaves disagrees because he feels, that even though the town budgets a line item of $1500 for the parade, he takes it out when he figures the tax rate, as he feels it should be raised by fundraising and not tax dollars.  R. Graham said that according to R. Cleaves the parade fund is in the negative $1600-$1700.  R. Graham noted that to do something similar to last year, minus the bagpipes and buying t-shirts to sell, the Memorial Day Parade & Festivities could be done for around $4,000-$5,000.  The Board all agreed that the money was a line item in the budge to be raised by taxes.  C. Peloquin said that they should contact the Auditor and ask his opinion.  R. Graham made the motion that the Selectboard cover expenses up to $4,000, minus whatever they can fundraise, for the Memorial Day festivities, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted.
  3. Falls Bridge Road alteration –When the work was done last year there was a preliminary survey done with the understanding that a final survey would need to be done when the work was completed.  The work is now done and the final survey is now done.  The survey map is available at the town office for review.  A public hearing is set for May 21, 2012 at 7 pm, a site visit is scheduled for May 21, 2012 at 6 pm, meet at the Town Hall and travel to the site.
  4. Hillside Terrace – site visit also scheduled for 6pm on May 21, 2012.  We are working with T. Bottiggi to create a turn around on Short St.
  5. Audit bids – We sent out 4 bid requests, and received 2 back.  Sullivan & Powers bid $17,000, and W. Yaccavoni bid $9,700.  R. Graham made the motion to accept the bid by W. Yaccavoni for $9,700, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted.
  6. Public Meeting Procedures – B. Ashe made the motion to accept for operation the newly created Town of Williamstown Public Meeting Procedures, that was designed by VLCT, to supersede the vote to use Robert’s Rules of Order, seconded by F. Covey, and so voted.  Changes to the Policy as it was prepared, was to state that 3 votes were needed to make a motion pass.

  1. Personnel Policy – J. Higgins has reviewed old payroll and the policy for OT will not change.  It will be calculated on hours actually worked, not vacation, sick, personal, etc.  Highway Department work policy, F. Covey made the motion to accept it as presented, seconded by B. Ashe, and so voted with R. Graham voting no.  R. Graham doesn’t agree with working 4 – 10 hour days, he feels they should work 5 – 8 hour days year round.

Visitor’s Comments
  1. C. Peloquin – Questioned about the land next to Route 64 by the Bridge.  The Town has acquired that parcel.  We need to form a committee to see what should be done with that piece.  Possible Veteran memorial.  We will also have the person who mows the lawn at the Town Hall also mow the spot a few times this year.
  2. C. Peloquin – What is the parade route this year?  R. Graham said that it would start at Saldi Field and end at the high school where festivities would be.  R. Graham noted that his daughter would be working on putting softball teams together for a tournament.
  3. A. Kramer, As Town Health Officer – He will look into the issues at Seaver-Hoyt field.  He also noted that the first quarter of 2012 has been a deadly one on VT roads; there have been 22 fatalities, as compared to 9 last year.  11 of those were not wearing seatbelts.

Around the Table:

R. Graham – none

Art Stone – absent

F. Covey – nothing

B. Ashe  - nothing

L. Hebert  - nothing

P. Winters gave an update on the Charter Change.  It has passed out of the House and is on to the Senate.

Francis Covey made a motion to adjourn at 8:45pm, seconded R. Graham, and so voted.

Respectfully submitted,

Cora Grandfield