How to Be Added To The Select Board Meeting Agenda


The Town Manager and Selectboard Members are the ones that can add items and issues to the Agenda. If they feel they can't resolve your concerns by telephone or a meeting then they will have it added to the next Agenda as New Business.

If you have a topic that concerns you and you feel it needs to be addressed your first step would be to call the Town Manager at 433-6671. Many issues can be resolved with a telephone call or a meeting with the Town Manager.

You may also call your Selectboard Members and present the issue to them. They will then contact the Town Manager to add your issues or concerns to the Agenda if it can't be resolved by the Town Manger or Selectboard Member by telephone or a meeting.

If you have documentation for the issue a good idea would to bring it to the Town Hall and asked to have it put in the Board's packet. The information should reach the Town Manager's office by noon time the Wednesday before the next Selectboard meeting. Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Monday's of each month.

It helps to have the information ahead of time so the Board will have time to review it before the meeting. That will help with the time frame of 10 minutes allowed for each item. If more time is needed the Selectboard Chairman may allow for it. But if the issue needs more research and review than you may be scheduled to continue at the next meeting. The Selectboard will continue with your issue until it is resolved.