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Williamstown Ambulance provides 24/7 9-1-1 Advanced Life Support capabilities to the residents of Williamstown. Our roster consists of members at three levels.

EMR: Emergency Medical Responder, able to provide basic life saving interventions. These individuals are training in Basic Life Saving (BLS) skills and CPR. This is the minimum certification required to provide pre-hospital patient care.

EMT: Emergency Medical Technician, able to provide the same services as an EMR with some added skills. An EMT is able to assist in the administration of some medications that are prescribed to a patient. They are able to connect a patient to a Cardiac monitor and aquire ECGs so the Doctor(s) have an accurate picture of the events leading up to arriving at the Emergency Department.

AEMT: Advanced EMT, able to start IV therepy and provide medications without the need for a patient perscription. These providers are also able to use advanced airways. These providers are generally who is in charge of a patient's care until reaching the hospital.

In the event that we are unable to provide the level of care a patient requires, we are able to request from neighboring municipalities a Paramedic Intercept. Paramedics are the highest level pre-hospital provider. These providers carry medications for pain as well as medications that assist in a more critically ill patient.

Williamstown Ambulance responds to an average of 350-400 calls per year.

If you're interested in becoming a member, please download and print the employment packet, we accept members at the age of 16:

(Please complete the Class Application for any class you wish to attend)

CPR/AED October 7, 2017 10-12 (Maximum 6 participants) $25.00 Per person

CPR/AED October 7, 2017 2-4 ( Maximum 6 participants) $25.00 Per person

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